IDEAS Liberalism Conference - Liberalism and faiths: Do they go hand-in-hand?

Sep 19, 2015 - Forum
IDEAS Liberalism Conference (19 Sep 2015)

Panel Discussion 2
Liberalism and faiths: Do they go hand-in-hand?

The panel will discuss the liberalism and faith, especially in a plural society. Will the greater freedom allowed in a liberal society such as freedom of speech, economic freedom and equality before the law lead to greater polarisation between different ethnic and religious groups? Can liberalism survive in a plural society? Is liberalism incompatible with faith and religion?

Moderator: Dr Maszlee Malik

Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa, Executive Director, Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF)
Ustaz Abdullah Zaik, President, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA)
Prof. Zaharom Nain, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Dr Patricia Martinez, Christian Federation Malaysia (CFM)