Webinar: Is the plight of the Uighurs just Western propaganda? with Dr Olsi Jezexhi & Dolkun Isa - Part1

Oct 5, 2020 - Events, Featured, Featured on irfront.org
Date: Saturday, 26th September 2020
Time: 3PM MYT || 9AM CET
Organized by: Islamic Renaissance Front

Irrespective of which side we are on, one thing for certain is that the Communist Party of China is not taking the accusation of its atrocities against the Uighurs Muslim minority lightly. They have mounted a sophisticated counterattack and running public opinion abroad in order to spin to a more positive message. Their narrative is that Xinjiang in particular faces serious threats from Islamist militants and separatists. It has sought to focus its security crackdown in resource-rich Xinjiang as part of the wider global “war on terror”. The argument is that the Chinese government will not permit Xinjiang to become another Iraq, Syria, or Libya. If the unrest spreads outside the borders, it will affect the stability of Central Asia and the Middle-East, and might even spread to Europe – or so they say.