Interfaith Forum Session 2: Global Peace Convention

Dec 5, 2013 - Forum
Dec. 5th 2013: Global Interfaith Forum
Concurrent Discussions: Mitigating Religious Extremism: Models of Interfaith in Action

When radicals use religious language and symbols to legitimize acts of violence and oppression, they misrepresent the highest ideals and aspirations of the spiritual traditions. Conflict, war and violence in all its forms can and must ultimately be corrected at this ideological level for peace to be sustained. Expressions and practical applications of authentic faith, deeply held values and common aspirations can and must be the basis from which to neutralize ideologies that use religion to propagate violence, oppression and terror . This segment offers two concurrent sessions featuring initiatives and organizations that have developed promising models and best practices in addressing the causes of violent extremism. Topics include:

I. Addressing the Roots of Extremism: This panel examines models of countering violent religious rhetoric, challenging misconceptions and distortions of religious teachings, and addressing humanitarian needs through service. Examples from Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines and elsewhere will be discussed.

II. Religion and Conflict Resolution: There is growing recognition that religious factors are often a critical part of the complex dynamics of political, social and economic problems. This panel examines the vital role that religion and spiritual leaders can play in resolving conflicts and contributing to diplomatic dialogue and processes

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