Forum & Presentation: Religiosity & Secularity

Aug 14, 2013 - Forum
Forum & Presentation: Religiosity & Secularity

A forum and Presentation on various topics and issues focusing on the theme of Religiosity and Secularity. the forum was chaired by Prof Mohsen Kadivar, from Duke University while the following panellists represented specifically on the following issues:

Part 1 - Safdar Ahmed, University of Sydney
Towards a Theory of Islamic Secularism

Part 2 - Farouk Musa, Monash University (Malaysia campus)
The Secular Democratic State: A State of Justice and Benevolence

Part 3 - Tehrani Nasab, Australian National University
The Essence of Islam in Relation to Core Values of Modern Political Systems

Part 4 - Gabriele Marranci, Macquarie University
Is There Hope for Democratic Fundamentalism?

Date: 14 Augusut 2013
Time: 1PM - 3 PM
Location: General Lecture Theatre, The Quadrangle, University if Sydney, Australia